Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hyrum's appetite

Brought Hyrum to the hospital cafeteria, one of his new favorite places to eat. He orders a grilled cheese and fries, AND a side of mashed potatoes with gravy, and he grabs a handful of fishy crackers from the salad bar, as well.
I order the pork tacos.
Hyrum gets a soda, too.
I take a bite of my pork tacos, and offer Hyrum a taste.
I don't like them, the pork is too salty for my taste, but Hyrum loves them.
So he eats both tacos, and his grilled cheese, and his potatoes, and his fries. Okay, he might have shared with Patricia, but he wasn't planning to at the time I left them. . .

Hope they have something better tomorrow.

1 Comment:

Madame Hallie said...

That is a crazy amount of food! Hope all is well and that you don't need to spend too much time at the hospital. All our love and prayers to your family.

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