Saturday, June 7, 2008

Over 200 people attend community meeting to be better people. . .

  • Kearns, Utah June 7, 2008. People from the neighborhood filled the room to capacity and it was a good thing that additional chairs were provided. Neighbors and friends from numerous cultures listened attentively as speakers shared personal experiences and insights about life and happiness. None of the speakers were paid - they were ordinary, "run of the mill" people from the neighborhood. One shared a message of Faith, another (through a translator) shared one of Faith and Service. There was a talk on Charity, one on Love, and one about having a clear focus to be a better person. The atmosphere was one of joy and excitement as neighbors mingled amongst themselves afterwards. Surely, the neighborhood will benefit from this meeting; and other neighborhoods around the nation should do the same.
Isn't this amazing news! Neighbors getting together to help inspire each other to do better. I was there, and it was an awesome meeting. I gleaned a lot from the speakers; but what most impressed me was the bigger picture: we are getting together, voluntarily, to help each other out.

Those of us that belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have various labels for such meetings: Sacrament Meeting, Firesides, Mutual. Tonight's meeting happened to be called Stake Conference. We often lose sight of what is really happening in those meetings. We aren't just going to a meeting; we're gathering together to strengthen and help one another and our communities.

Can't wait until tomorrow's session.

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